Why choose iNotify ?

iNotify is a smartphone/tablets application for android users. It can be used to read news/articles/posts/stories from websites or the sources that you subscribe to. As its name says, it keeps you notified with latest updates/news in real time.


You don’t have to go and browse your favorite websites to look for news or read new posts. iNotify will deliver them right to your device.

iNotify is lightweight application. Its internet and battery consumption is little. Internet and/or battery consumption is what concern the user before installing new apps. Unlike other applications, iNotify ¬†doesn’t query the internet periodically to look for new news/posts. Instead, it stays idle and iNotify server will take care of looking up the news and push them using the Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) push service to your iNotify application.

With iNotify, you don’t have to limit yourself to read news from a single source or installing multiple applications to read news from multiple sources. iNotify can be customized to define multiple sources of different categories. You can have politics/sports/entertainment/business/etc.. related sources in iNotify and you can read posts from all these sources in one place!



Although iNotify delivers news/posts to your device using notifications, iNotify aims not to be annoying and gives you the ability to enable/disable notifications. You can disable notifications for all sources in a single click from the Settings page. This in case you don’t wish to receive notifications at all and you just want to open the application yourself the time you want to read latest news/posts/articles. Moreover, you can disable notifications for specific sources. iNotify allows you to control whether to receive notifications or not from each source.



Still waiting .. ? Download now! and let us know your feedback!

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