What’s new in iNotify v1.1.4

By the time we wrote this article, iNotify v1.1.4 should have made its way to google play store. Let’s have a walk-through over the features of this new version:

  • News list caching
    iNotify will now remember the news list that was last retrieved. So when opening iNotify, you will be presented with the list of news that you have seen last time before closing the application. Caching will speed up the initial loading of the news list screen because it will display the cached news right away. At the same time, iNotify will go check for new news in the background and if it found any it will update your list.
    On the other hand, if you don’t have an internet connection at a certain time, you can still open iNotify, check the cached news and read their content while being offline.
  • Search for new sources
    In article “iNotify 1.1.3 features“, we have talked about the RSS auto discovery feature in iNotify. Now in v1.1.4, we have a new feature that allows you to search for new sources on the internet.  A new button “Find” was added on top of the “Add/Edit Sources” screen. Clicking on it will show a text field that you can use to enter your query to search for new sources. You can search for sources by any keyword whether it’s a source name, website, category, etc… If the search returned a result, the list of sources found will be displayed so you can select what sources you wish to add to your application.
    The screenshot below displays the result of searching for new sources using “health” as a query:

  • Expandable sources list
    Sources list is now expandable. This is beneficial if you have many sources so you can collapse/expand the categories you need to check. Also the sources will have their logo images displayed.

  • Partial Refresh
    Long press on a source in the news list screen will open a context menu with the following 2 options:
    - Refresh
    - Edit Source
    When clicking on Refresh, iNotify will refresh the selected source only. This is beneficial if you’re in “Notifications” mode and you want to retrieve the whole list of news for a single source only without the need to refresh all sources.

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