iNotify 1.1.3 features

In this post, we will be listing the features of iNotify application v1.1.3:

  • Light weight
    iNotify does not consume much battery or internet. That’s because iNotify application stays idle and waits for iNotify server to push any new news/posts to it using the Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) push service.
  • News delivered to you
    You don’t have to go and browse your favorite websites to look for news or read new posts. iNotify will deliver them right to your device.
  • Read all in one app
    You don’t have to limit yourself to read news from a single source or installing multiple applications to read news from multiple sources. iNotify can be customized to define multiple sources of different categories. You can have politics/sports/entertainment/business/etc.. related sources in iNotify and you can read posts from all these sources in one place!
  • RSS auto discovery
    iNotify is RSS based application. It uses the sources RSS feeds to fetch latest news/posts/articles. To make it easier for users, iNotify has built in RSS auto-discovery feature. When adding a new source, you can enter the full URL of the RSS feed if you know it. ex: “”. If you don’t know the URL of the RSS feed, just enter the URL of the website(ex: “”), and iNotify will look-up the list of RSS feeds on that website if present and will display them to you.
  • Enable/disable notifications
    You can enable/disable notifications for all sources in a single click from the Settings screen. Additionally, you can enable/disable notifications for specific sources.
    Moreover, you can control how your device will behave when receiving a new notification: Blink light? Vibrate? Play your default notification sound? All together? or keep it silent.
  • Filter news
    iNotify allows you to filter in/out news. You can configure each source to include news containing specific keyword or exclude news containing specific keyword.
  • Expandable news list
    Notify displays the list of news grouped by source. It displays the sources as sections and underneath each source section, the corresponding news will be listed. The sources sections can be expanded/collapsed when touching them. This is useful when you have long list of news.
  • Show/hide source
    If you have a long list of sources, you can use this feature to hide certain sources from the news list screen. The sources will continue to be active but they will be hidden. You can show them back anytime you need.
  • Share with your friend
    You can share news/posts with your friends via facebook, twitter, whatsapp or any other social application installed on your device.
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