How to turn off notifications ?

Although iNotify uses notifications to keep you up-to-date on latest news/posts, iNotify aims not to be annoying and provides you the ability to enable/disable notifications.

Notifications can be turned on/off at 2 levels:

  • Application level
    This would turn the notifications on/off for the whole application and for all sources. This can be configured by selecting or deselecting the Notifications checkbox from the Settings screen shown in the screenshot below

  • Source level
    If you don’t wish to turn off notifications for the whole application, iNotify provides you the ability to turn notifications on/off for specific sources. All what you need to do is to go to “Add/Edit Sources” screen, locate your source, touch it to open and then drag the notification slider to the right to enable notifications for this source or to the left to disable it.


Moreover, you can control how your device will behave when a new notification is arrived. Do you want it to blink light? vibrate? play your default notification sound? all together? or keep it silent? All this can be configured from the Settings screen as well.

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